Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Groundless Fears

What with the snow and cold and complete exhaustion that has overcome me I have not been taking IV out for regular walks. I play with her in the house, and she runs around and plays with me or on her own.

However, I fear that this playing is just not going to be enough. What if she becomes fat?? She's such a little dog, if she got fat it would just be quite awful!! Could you imagine? A fat IV?? *shudder*

Granted, I do secretly believe it is impossible for her to get fat...regular dogs have power naps, IV here has power sits, and then she's off again! Chewing, running, sniffing, etc.

Always busy. Still, I can't wait for summer to come.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

To Ripen a Rawhide

IV has this new deal with her rawhide bones. I will give her a new one. She will carry it around with her for days. DAYS people. Without chewing on it at all. She will carry it to the door, where I make her put it down before she goes outside, then she will pick it up as soon as she get's back inside, and she'll put it down beside wherever she lays down.

Then one day she'll just start chewing it.
And then it is gone.

I can only imagine that she is waiting for it to ripen.

Otherwise I am at a loss.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Swan and The Dog: Adventures on Their Own

Ha ha, I had not realized that my last post on IV's blog was 4 months ago, but apparently it was.
Much has changed since then. IV and I moved out on our own. We are living in a house for a little while, and then who knows! (It is very difficult to find a nice place to live that allows it will be another adventure finding a new home in April).

IV remains an adorable, playful, troublemaking puppy.

She loves going to the Kennel while I am away. She is reported to be the fastest dog there, and loves her playtime where she just runs and runs and runs around the dog yard, with all the other dogs trying to catch up to her. This image makes me smile. My dog is fast!

The other day IV and I went for a bike ride. I was pedalling as fast as I could, and yet she still ran ahead and was pulling the bike along. We biked for about an hour before she started to slow down. But it's snowing right now, and I am not all that good at biking in the snow, so I'm thinking that was our last bike ride of the season. Til spring!!

Being on our own was a good decision. Sometimes I feel bad about how she no longer has 7 people to dote on her, play with her, and take her on walks...but at the same time it is a HUGE relief to no longer feel like we are a burden on anyone.

My favourite IV moments are when she comes over to me and puts her head on my knee and looks up at me with a "wanna play" in her eyes. I spent the last 2 days on the couch getting over an icky sicky spell, and she hung out, not understanding, but bringing me her tire and begging me to throw it. And much to her great joy, I'd throw it across the room, and she would dash after it.

She's nothing like the cuddly dog I always imagined I'd have. Still, she's my dog, and she is super cute, and super sweet. And I wouldn't trade her away for anything! (Although, there was one day where she completely shredded everything in my box of stuff for recycling--2 weeks worth--and spread it all over the front entrance...that day I was ready to get rid of her!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Like Owner, Like Dog

iv is a lot like me...

--She has to look up to most of the others in her species that she meets, but she's not the shortest. Just knows lots and lots of others who are taller than her. I have to look up to a lot of people.

--She has issues with authority. She doesn't really like to be told what to do. Me either.

--Her kennel is a mess of torn up towel. My room is just a mess (no torn up towel...but messy).

--She has an addictive personality (see previous post about the tennis ball). I find it hard to put a good book down. When Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out I took it out of the library, and started reading while at school, kept reading when I got home, went to bed and read by the bathroom light shining into my room, then when that light was gone I got out the trusty flashlight and finished reading at 4:30 in the morning. Just in time for a little nap, and then back to school to return the book.

--We both like to go for walks. Long walks. Rain or shine...well IV maybe doesn't like the rain as much...but she'll get used to it...

--We like roadtrips. Roadtrips are great.

--We both usually have to go to the bathroom after we eat. *shrugs*

--We both love all our roommates.

--We both like crackers, red peppers, chicken, etc.

--She never brushes her hair. I don't either (when I actually do something to my hair I use a pick).

--I like shopping, and the one time I took her into PetSmart she was crazy about I think that counts.

--She has to keep her nails a bit short so she doesn't scratch the floors. I have to keep my nails short so I don't collect nasty germs under them at work or scratch patients.

That's all I've got. For now. As the years go by I am sure IV will become more like me...or I'll become more like her...I can promise that I won't pee on the floor though.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Obsessions

So, once again it`s been a while....

--IV went camping with Larisa, had a blast, came back with a tick on her, which freaked out Jennie and made Steph squeamish. Larisa removed the tick and all was well.

--IV has a tennis ball. It is the only important thing that exists in the entire world to her. She comes out of her kennel and picks it up. Or looks for it if she can`t find it. She can barely be persuaded to put it down when she`s going out for a walk. She chases, chews, throws, and catches the tennis ball non stop. If she can`t find anyone who will throw it for her, she will throw it herself.

--She has this nasty habit of eating her food so fast and drinking her water so fast then running off to bounce and play that she pukes everywhere. Not so pretty. So, to solve this problem we feed her in little bits at a time, and give her little sips of water at a time.

--She just peed on Kim`s duvet. Again. Like 3 minutes ago. It`s hard to know how to teach her to somehow give us very clear signs when she has to go to the bathroom. Whining at the door would be a good one. Winter will be interesting if we don`t learn to pick up on her signs, since we probably won`t be takin her on as many walks.

--It was rainy for about a week, so she was getting a little cabin fever from being inside all the time. Now the sun is out, and she`s getting a little better.

--And I feel like the tennis ball obsession is worth repeating. Since it`s her whole world.

--I used to think people were a little bit crazy. Whenever they see her they whisper and point and say how cute she is. One person in our neighborhood stops and pets her and goes on about how beautiful she is everytime he sees her! I mean, yeah, she`s cute, but not like *that* cute. But then I went away for a couple days to camp, and when I got back, I saw her, and realized that she really is that* cute. And I`m pretty sure she knows it too.

That's really all I can think of saying right now. She still goes on lots of walks. Likes to play. Is listening a bit better than before, but could still use some obedience classes (I've gotta get on that).

She attended the funeral of a co-pet yesterday to read about that you can click here.

It's hard to believe that we've had her for so long. And yet, not really so long. Time is a strange thing. Even stranger for a dog I suppose. Hmm...I wonder what dogs think of they have any concept of time? They get to know a routine, so they know when to expect their people home, but what are their thoughts on time...does it go slow? Fast? Hmm...I wish she could talk...but I imagine if she could it would be a hundred words a minute, possibly in a different that sounds really Portuguese or Spanish.

Anyway, this is getting outta control. So i'm gonna go. And hopefully I'll update more frequently so that there won't be more awkward bloggings about Portuguese speaking dogs talking about their concept of time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So 'Bout them Dandilions...

Ha ha. So I just realized that I failed to actually talk about the dandilions in the post titled "Dandilion Heads". I completely forgot to tell you about how IV will run around the yard and down the road sniffing out dandilions and picking certain ones to eat the heads off. I don't know what system she uses to pick which ones she's going to eat though. The best is when she eats the dandilions that have gone to seed. She goes to bite it, and then all the fuzz must get stuck in her mouth because she looks a little surprised and kind of flicks her tongue around her mouth.

And now you know :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dandilion Heads

After leaving Saskatoon, IV and I headed on to Edmonton and I wanted to do a wee bit of shoe I tucked IV into her kennel, cracked all the windows open and went out. I was gone for 10 minutes MAX and I came back to find that IV had broken out of her kennel. Needless to say our next stop was PetSmart where she came in and she got to try out a couple kennels until we found one that has real screws holding it together :) I think I've got her beat now! The most hilarious part of this little adventure was when we were standing in line at the cashiers and this little tiny chihuahua (sp???) was in line behind us and just kept yapping at IV...(her owner totally was buying one of those barking collars...ha ha) and so after several barks IV started barking back. It was echoing all over and I couldn't hear the cashier and I finally got IV to be quiet, but the other little dog would not stop barking.

After our Edmonton Adventure, IV and I arrived in Breton where IV met Jill (and Jill met IV). IV and Jill became instant fighting friends. They started running around the house, chasing eachother and playfighting. Non-stop. They are starting to settle down now (after 2 weeks!) and are still a little crazy! It turns out that IV's a bit of a bully! But perhaps I should set the scene a little bit...

Jill is a 3 and a 1/2 month old Golden Lab who is super friendly and a goofy little puppy...she's growing quickly and so is very easy to knock over, is very gullible and is just super cute!

Anyway, so the fighting is easy for IV since she has a pretty good sense of balance, and she's pretty agile and speedy. They find sticks and fight over them, and fight over toys. Tug of war happens a lot. With big sticks or little sticks, even IV's tire! Well, the one issue that is a little touchy between IV and Jill is the rawhide bone. They each have their own, and before IV came, apparently Jill would not touch hers...but then when it was discovered that IV LOVES rawhide bones, obviously Jill had to get in on this action. The only problem is that IV LOVES her rawhide bones. So, this leads to some serious growling, snapping, and chasing...despite the fact that the 2 puppies can eat their food out of the same can mess with IV's food, but


So, back when they were allowed to have their bones outside of their kennels, IV would take her bone, and walk around, and then set it down, then she'd push it away and look in the other direction until Jill would innocently enough just kind of sniff at it and then WOWZA IV would snatch up her bone. She did this many times, and poor Jill kept falling for it.

Anyways, in summary, it seems that IV is loving the country life. She tries to chase elk (which is a bad idea since they are very very VERY protective of their babies right now) and when we walk down the road she used to tease them...but not so much anymore...I think they are not nearly as interesting as they were at first. :) She's a happy puppy, and will be very excited to see the rest of her people when we get back to Winnipeg...but she's happy as a country dog!

(No garbage gut since we left!!! Yay!!!)